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Kumbera Motors explains how to make your vehicle shine for online selling

So, you want to sell your car online ... Is it ready to be photographed? Is it ready for the scrutiny that is the online buyers will give it? Look at that scratch! How about that discoloration! And it’s not even shiny. Kumbera Motors, your vehicle selling assistant is here today to help you to make sure your car is in tip-top shape for selling online. The first thing you should do is clean it. A good washing will suffice for most cars. Use some good soap or car cleaner and cold water, and make sure that the soap doesn’t sit too long. Use a soft towel to dry large areas, and a good microfiber cloth to do the windows and details. Also, be sure to clean from the top down so you find yourself going back over what you already rinsed. When cleaning the wheels, it’s a good idea to use a bristled brush and some soap. Next, you're going to want to do some polishing and waxing. Getting the best shine out of your car is an art, and can’t be explained to the full extent in this article,

Kumbera Motors - Your Car Sales Agent and Assistant For Private Party Car Sales

Are you looking to purchase a classic car or truck? Tired of walking the local or state car shows looking for something you like for sale at a reasonable price? Have you considered online auction or sales websites that make you cringe with the bad pictures or the deals that turn out to be too good to be true? We invite you to a different kind of website; At Kumbera Motors we have the best private party cars for sale . Each vehicle as an array of images and full details to help you make your decision. Kumbera Motors is a car sales agent and assistant for private party car sales We help buyers and sellers of custom and classic cars come together. As a consignment vehicle sales assistant, we have helped hundreds of auto enthusiasts have smooth transactions online. We coach our sellers to take quality photos of their vehicles and gather specific information as to the vehicles condition and specs. As a vehicle listing agent, for the sellers, we not only list you

Photographing your vehicle for sale - Tips from Kumbera Motors - Vehicle Sellers Agent

Are you selling a classic car or truck? Looking for a larger market to sell to than just your local area? Kumbera Motors is a consignment vehicle seller’s agent that can help you get your vehicle in front of thousands of potential buyers all over the country. Selling your vehicle online can be hassle free, however it is important to have enough details about the vehicle so buyers can make an accurate assessment of your vehicle. One way to help buyers decide is to have enough images of the vehicle, this gives the buyer reasons to purchase your car or truck and not the other guys. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then there are over 30,000 reasons below. We have covered other tips for photographing your vehicle in a previous article. This article is more about what are the best images to take. Remember we are not going so much for quantity, but quality. First is the shot you will be using as the cover photo. This photo should be full of action, clean sharp and fill the frame