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Kumbera Motors talks about how you can stay safe from vehicle buyer scams

Last week we talked about how you can spot scams when selling your vehicle online . This week Kumbera Motors, your helpful vehicle sellers assistant, is here to tell you how you can protect yourself from many of the scams that are prevalent online. Using an all online selling experience, we are able to put together a list of best practices that you should follow when selling your car: Make sure to verify checks before you transfer the title - If possible, complete the transaction at the buyer’s bank to make sure that the funds are available. Don’t ship cars overseas until the payments have cleared - It also might be a good idea to wait up to 30 days to make sure that there isn’t any kind of dispute. Make sure to let your buyer know of this, however. Document everything - Make sure you keep a copy of everything, and keep a record of the entire process, including names, phone numbers, and other information. This will assist if there ever needs to be an investigation.  Ask f

Kumbera Motors shares information about how to spot a scam when selling your car online

Now that your car is looking good and ready for sale, how do you know who to sell it to? It might seem obvious, “well anyone that wants to buy it, I guess.”. Wrong. Scammers lurk around every corner, and could be looking to take advantage of you. Don’t worry, though, because Kumbera Motors, your friendly car selling assistant , is here to warn you about some of the most common car buying scams. Some things you should be wary of when selling your car are: If the buyer offers to purchase your vehicle sight-unseen - This is the first warning sign of what is generally a larger scam. Usually this segways to money order or check fraud. If the buyer offers to pay with checks or money orders - While this isn’t always true, a common way to scam is to offer a bad check on a fake bank account. Never sign over a deed until after the check or money order clears, and always ask for cash or a more secure method of payment if possible. If the buyer offers to purchase the car for more than the a