Kumbera Motors talks about how you can stay safe from vehicle buyer scams

Last week we talked about how you can spot scams when selling your vehicle online. This week Kumbera Motors, your helpful vehicle sellers assistant, is here to tell you how you can protect yourself from many of the scams that are prevalent online. Using an all online selling experience, we are able to put together a list of best practices that you should follow when selling your car:

Kumbera Motors talks about how you can stay safe from vehicle buyer scams
  • Make sure to verify checks before you transfer the title - If possible, complete the transaction at the buyer’s bank to make sure that the funds are available.
  • Don’t ship cars overseas until the payments have cleared - It also might be a good idea to wait up to 30 days to make sure that there isn’t any kind of dispute. Make sure to let your buyer know of this, however.
  • Document everything - Make sure you keep a copy of everything, and keep a record of the entire process, including names, phone numbers, and other information. This will assist if there ever needs to be an investigation. 
  • Ask for a driver's license - If you let someone test drive your car, ask to see their driver's license first. It’s an easy and legitimate way to collect data about who you’re selling to.
  • Don’t transfer the title without the money in your bank - Most scams occur before the check/money order has cleared.
  • Complete transfer forms - In addition to the title, it is also important to complete a release of liability and bill of sale.
  • Block out personal information - If you give service records or parts receipts, block out your name and credit card number to make it harder for the individual to potentially steal your identity. 

If you follow these tips, there is very little chance of having your car, money, or identity stolen from you by a scammer. Remember to use your best judgement: if you think it’s a scam, it probably is. If this seems like a lot to think about when selling your car, or if you’d like professional help, call Kumbera Motors today! We are a professional car sellers assistant and can help you avoid any trouble when selling your car locally or online. You can reach us at 928-710-7101 or visit our website at http://www.kumberamotors.com for more information.

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