Introducing Kumbera Motors - Car Listing Agent

Kumbera Motors is a car seller's agent, representing auto buyers and sellers nationwide.
If you’re looking for a car in any of these categories, classic, rare, collectible, custom, luxury, high performance, quality, or gently used, Kumbera Motors is the place with integrity. Kumbera Motors is a car seller’s agent and they take pride in posting cars on their website that have accurate descriptions and quality photos. There is a set of criteria when it comes to posting a car on the Kumbera website. This is a site where buyers and sellers come together to help anyone who is searching to find his automotive dream.

Here is how it helps the seller:
•    Keep your weekends to yourself. Don’t face the frustration of taking your car to an auction or swap meet only to find that the right buyer didn’t come along. Kumbera has 10 years experience as an auto listing agent.

•    Buyers look on the Internet when they are ready to purchase. The site is easy to navigate and the cars have accurate photos and descriptions.

•    Take away the frustration of listing a car in classified advertising. Kumbera Motors has a proven record as a car selling assistant. The vehicles have a good presentation and that makes a difference in the success of the sale.

How it helps the buyer:

•    Cars are listed that they Kumbera Motors could see owning themselves. They are selective to what is posted on the website. They only work with good sellers; they only represent the best as an auto seller’s agent.

•    The only cars listed are owned by prospective sellers. Kumbera Motors does not purchase cars that would only compete with the cars listed. They are a car seller’s assistant, not a dealer.

•    Kumbera builds trust and supplies information needed during the buying process. They go beyond the first email or phone call to determine exactly what is needed in the buying process. There is no selling pressure. Buyers end up purchasing cars that are only of interest to them in the first place.

•    They find some of the nicest cars for sale, quality cars that won’t cause a headache a few miles down the road. Kumbera won’t list every car that comes their way. Many of the vehicles they see are not good, are passed up, and are not worthy of listing on the website.

Success has been found Nationwide for the vehicles they sell. They have had unbeatable success selling cars that they bring to the market. Buyers and sellers put their trust in Kumbera Motors and have given them positive feedback. Buyers and sellers will feel comfortable here, because they know they are dealing with someone who has a passion for cars and the people who drive them. Call 928-710-7101 today to learn more, or visit

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