What paperwork do you need after the sale of your online vehicle sale? Kumbera Motors offer advice.

Selling your vehicle online? Kumbera Motors, your online vehicle sellers assistant, can help!Selling your classic or custom vehicle online can be a rewarding experience, however not knowing what to do for paperwork after that sale can take all the joy out of the transaction. Mystified about the paperwork needed after the sale? Kumbera Motors, your vehicle listing agent, brings you these tips to make sure there’s no glitches down the road.

Here on some basic things you need to keep in mind

Before anything else, you'll need to gauge what your car might be worth based on its condition and the market value - not what you might have invested in it, but what you can get for it on the open market. Then you'll have to figure out how to advertise the sale to prospective buyers and, potentially, negotiate with them.

Then the paperwork starts! You have to make sure you follow all of the regulations laid down by the State in which you live. In Arizona for instance, if there is a lien holder, you will  need to get a Release of Lien. You’ll have to sign off on the Title in the proper location, notify ADOT, Motor Vehicle Division, and remove the license plates as they belong to you.

You will also have to provide a Bill of Sale to to the Purchaser and have proper wording regarding any warranty or “As Is” or any other conditions of the sale

Selling your own vehicle can seem overwhelming with all the rules, regulations and paperwork. That’s why Kumbera Motors can offer professional representation for you in selling your car and ensure that the paperwork is properly processed. To learn more about how we can represent you when selling your car and avoiding all the paperwork hassles, give us a call at 928-710-7101 or visit http://www.kumberamotors.com.

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